Over time FRP lock has become one of the main problems among various mobile problems. Also bypassing FRP lock properly is not possible for everyone. If you own a Motorola Edge 50 Fusion phone and are not getting proper guidelines for bypassing FRP lock, then today’s article is for you and contains specific answers to the above problems.

This article will show you how to bypass FRP lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion without PC using a simple technique. But before that you should know what is FRP lock and why this lock occurs.

So let’s do our best to make your phone usable by consistently bypassing free in light of a new experience.

What is the FRP Lock?

FRP lock whose full form is factory reset protection. FRP lock is specified in all current versions starting from Android version 5.1. The owners ensure this lock on their Android version phones from the beginning of the phone production. In fact FRP lock is a very useful and security-oriented software for Android phones.

The purpose of which is to prevent intrusion if the mobile is stolen or lost. Also, many times due to mistakes, this lock has to be accessed. Basically this lock prevents any unethical activity on the mobile. If somehow the lock is done on the phone then it becomes almost impossible to open the lock without the previously provided Gmail and password.

But currently this lock can be opened either by computer or without computer, but not everyone can open FRP lock properly.

Why Does an FRP Lock Occur in the Phone

There are several reasons why FRP lock occurs on phones. It is discussed step by step below.

The main reason FRP lock occurs on phones is carelessness and misuse. Sometimes the normal scan lock that is given on the phone is reset when the phone is forgotten or the phone is slow and then if the previous Gmail and password are not known then it becomes impossible to open the phone.

Another common reason for FRP lock is when someone buys a second-hand phone but doesn’t know the Gmail and password or Google account information given by him and then he has to face FRP lock.

One of the reasons for the occurrence of FRP lock is a software problem in the phone. Software updates, installing third-party apps, and adding anything to the software without knowing it.

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Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC: New Trick 2024

How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC

Requirements to Unlock/Bypass FRP Lock

  • Keep the phone charged by at least 70% or 80% to complete the bypass Google verification on the Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Android 14 phones working on time.
  • The success of your bypass FRP lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion without PC method depends a lot on the internet connection and speed, so try to keep the internet connection and speed good.
  • Your mobile data will be lost to complete the FRP bypass Motorola Edge 50 Fusion without a PC. So make sure to backup the necessary data.
  • You must download FRP bypass tools or FRP bypass APK to unlock phone on Motorola Edge 50 Fusion without a computer.

Step-by-Step Instruction:

  • Step 1: First, need to turn on Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Android 14 phones with recovery mode and see the “Hello” screen here click the “Start.”
  • Step 2: Next, find the primary setup option like the “Connect to Mobile Network” page, and click “Skip.” When you get the “Privacy and Software Updates” page and click the “Accept and Continue.”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 3: Finish the above steps, click multiple options “Copy App and Data > Don’t Copy > Verify Pattern > Use my Google Account instead > Google Verifying your Account (It’s a lock).”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 4: Now go back to the “Privacy and Software Updates” page here and click on the “Motorola Privacy Policy” option in the left-side corner.
  • Step 5: Select text to “Share” and open the “Google Go” browser then click the “Voice” icon and say “Google Assistant” then open “Setting.”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 6: When you reach the setting option click step by step “Accessibility> Accessibility Menu > Accessibility Menu Shortcut > Allow > OK.”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 7: Open the “Battery” option in the settings menu, here click “Battery Usage” to reach the “Google Play Store.” If you don’t find the “Google Play Store” go to the “Hello” screen and follow the 1,2,3 steps again.
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 8: Find the new “Google Verifying your Account” page here write any word and click “Next” several times until less the 1% battery charge.
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 9: Again click the 3 dot icon to say “Google Assistant” and open the “Setting” menu here click “Battery” for the “Battery Usage” option. Now show the “Google Play Service” apps in the battery usage option.
  • Step 10: Open the “Google Play Service” app and “Disable” it then “Restart” your phone. After restarting your phone follow the 1,2,3 step again.
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 11: Click the “3-dot” icon to say “Assistant” and open the “Settings” menu. In the settings menu get the “Battery” option here click the “Battery Usage” option and “Enable Google Play Service” then “Restart” your phone again.
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 12: After Restarting follow all options serially “Hello > Start > Connect to Mobile Network > Skip > Connect to Wi-Fi > Set up Offline> Continue > Date and Time > Next.”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 13: Now comes the usually common option and click continue “Google Service > More & Accept > Set a PIN > Skip > Skip Anyway > Glance > Next.”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 14: Find the other more options click constantly “Stay in the Know > Not Now >Wait, there’s more > Not Now > Try it > Choose your theme > Next.”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC
  • Step 15: Finally, we stay the last steps and click step-by-step “Choose navigation style > Next > You’re all set > Done.”
How To Bypass FRP Lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Without PC

Congratulations! You’ve successfully bypass FRP lock Motorola Edge 50 Fusion without using the computer. Now you can enjoy access to your devices freely.

Specification of Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Android 14 Device

The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion running Android 14 boasts the following specifications:

  • Launch: The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion release date is (Expected) May 2024.
  • Display: Get attractive looking with a 6.7-inch, P-OLED, 120Hz (LATAM), 144Hz (INT), 1600 nits (peak) display.
  • Processor: It is a Qualcomm SM7435-AB Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 (4 nm) processor with 8/12GB RAM of the time provided for powerful performance.
  • Storage: Have enough 128/256/512GB storage (No card slot).
  • Rear Cameras: You will get innovation in the camera in this mobile, which has a dual– 50MP wide and 13MP ultrawide sensor.
  • Front Camera: For awesome photography use a 32MP wide sensor.
  • Battery: Include a powerful 5000 mAh battery with support for 68W fast charging support.
  • Operating System: The device is running the Android 14 system.
  • Protection: It has a Gorilla Glass 5, and also includes a Glass front, silicone polymer back (eco-leather), and plastic frame.
  • Colors: It has Forest Blue, Marshmallow Blue and, Hot Pink.
  • Other: Also include a Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, and compass.
  • Price: The phone is considered the best in the mid-range and the price is (approximately) 425$ depending on the specific version and its features in the USA.

How to Disable Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Disable the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) by following the below instructions step-by-step:

  • First, open the “Settings” menu on your Motorola Edge 50 Fusion device.
  • Scroll down to find the “Security” or “Accounts” option, and tap anyone.
  • Now get here a “Linked Google Accounts” option and click it.
  • Click the FRP-linked Google account option to delete it.
  • Get the “Verify account” option and confirm your device’s security information if they want to you.
  • Now see that your Google account is removed, and start a “Factory Reset” and follow the instructions.
  • When completing the factory reset, check your phone settings to make sure FRP is disabled.

Congratulations your factory reset protection (FRP) has been successfully disabled.

Bottom Line

Surely you have had such a wonderful time and your phone is freed from the shackles of FRP lock and has sprung a new life. Now you can use the phone without any restrictions. This new experience of FRP lock bypass will enrich your knowledge base and help you to solve future FRP lock related problems.

Your patience and attention is one of the tools to bypass properly. Apply the photo instructions in the article to the appropriate places to get absolute success in no time.

People Also Ask

How do I bypass the lock screen on a Motorola Edge 50 Fusion?

Bypassing a lock screen is not recommended for security reasons. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, pattern, or password, the safest way to regain access is to use Motorola’s built-in “Find My Device” feature or a factory reset (if necessary).

Does Motorola have FRP lock?

Yes, Motorola devices, including the Edge 50 Fusion, likely have Factory Reset Protection (FRP) enabled. This deters unauthorized use after a factory reset. You’ll need your Google login credentials associated with the phone to bypass FRP.

What is the master code to unlock a Motorola phone?

There isn’t a universal master code for Motorola phones. Using unauthorized codes can compromise security. It’s best to use the legitimate unlocking method associated with your lock screen choice (PIN, pattern, password).

How to unlock Motorola phone screen lock?

The method depends on your lock screen type. Here are common options:

  • PIN/Pattern: Enter the correct PIN or carefully redraw your pattern.
  • Password: Enter your correct password.
  • Fingerprint: Use your registered fingerprint.
  • Forgot Lock Screen: If you forget your credentials, use the on-screen “Forgot Lock Screen” option or Motorola’s “Find My Device” service.

How many digits is a Motorola unlock code?

A PIN is typically 4-10 digits, while a password can be any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

What is the PIN for Motorola lock screen?

The PIN is a personalized code you set for unlocking your phone. It’s not possible for anyone to know your specific PIN except you.

How do I remove the lock on my Motorola?

Go to your security settings and choose “None” for screen lock if you no longer want any lock method. Remember, this reduces security.

How do I recover my lock screen PIN?

If you forget your PIN, use the on-screen “Forgot Lock Screen” option. You might need your Google login credentials or have to perform a factory reset (which erases all data).

What is the default PIN for Motorola?

Motorola doesn’t set a default PIN. You create your own during initial phone setup.

What is ##4636## Android secret code?

While ##4636## might access testing menus on some Android devices, it’s not recommended for regular users. It can alter internal settings and potentially harm your phone.

What is this code ##27673855#*#?

This code is likely not relevant to unlocking your Motorola. Using unknown codes can be risky. Refer to official Motorola resources for safe troubleshooting methods.

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