What Is FRP Lock And How Does It Work

To reset your favorite mobile, you must know what the FRP lock is. Because if the FRP lock gets stuck on the mobile, you can’t use your mobile anymore. Some users are already having problems with FRP locks. Again, many people do not know what an FRP lock is. If you do not understand how FRP lock works and who is facing this problem, you need to know it completely.

What Is FRP Lock

The full name of FRP is Factory Reset Protection. It is available on all mobiles above the current Android 5.1 Lollipop version, but this feature has already been activated. So in all the new mobiles now but you will get this feature, FRP means factory reset protection, but it works as a kind of protection in our mobiles. This device was reset-To continue-sign in with Google Account that was previously synced on this device.

Soon after we reset our mobile, this feature is activated in our mobile. Or FRP is locked but activated. And where to open this lock, you are asked to enter the Gmail address and password registered on that mobile and if you can enter your Gmail address and password correctly there or if you can type it correctly.

But then you can use your mobile usually, and if you can’t give that Gmail address correctly, you don’t remember your Gmail address and password. But then you can no longer use your mobile.

How Does It Work

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is automatically activated in all Android devices during the Google account setup process. Once FRP is enabled on your Android device, someone wants to reset the machine using the backup & reset feature in the settings app. After system would require the device’s security PIN to protect the owner’s data and files.

Why Has The FRP Lock Been Activated On Our Mobile

 This feature has been activated so that if your mobile phone is stolen or lost, your mobile phone can not abuse by that person in any way, but this feature has been activated in our mobile.

But on the other hand, we are the ones who face this problem most of the time; when we reset our mobile, we don’t know what FRP is and how it works and because our mobile is slow or hung, we reset the mobile.

 And after resetting, the feature is activated on our mobile, and we can not use the mobile because we do not remember the Gmail and password.

How To Reset Your Mobile So That Your Mobile Does Not Need FRP Lock

There are two solutions to this,

First, if your mobile phone’s Gmail address and password are essential, you don’t need them. But then, of course, you must note down or write down the Gmail address and password on your mobile.

So that the next time you are asked to flip the Gmail password, you will have no problem.

And secondly, if your mobile Gmail address is not essential. Suppose you don’t need it later. But then you can remove the Gmail ID from your mobile.

So if you remove the Gmail address from your mobile, there is no fear of getting any FRP lock on your mobile. But your mobile usually is open.

How To Remove Gmail Account From Mobile

You first need to open the settings option on your mobile. Then a little further down, you will get the settings of the accounts you will click there. After clicking, you will see an option on Google; click on it. And here your Gmail address will come; after he clicks on the Gmail address, click on the three-dot icon above, and you will see the remove account option.


Final Word

So friends, from the above discussion we can understand that FRP is a mobile safety belt. FRP works to prevent the mobile phone from being misused if it is stolen or lost. At present all mobile phones are locked.

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