Many people face the problem of FRP bypass on mobile. Again many do not know how to solve it. So today I will tell you what is FRP and how to FRP bypass/unlock Samsung Galaxy A30s without PC. One of the most important aspects of widely used mobile phones is security. Almost all mobile companies provide FRP(Factory Reset Protection) features in their phones for mobile security. FRP protects your mobile and prevents intrusion and misuse. All phone companies provide FRP security features built-in in all their phones from Android version 5.1 to the present.

Easy FRP Bypass/Unlock Samsung Galaxy A30s Without PC

Samsung Galaxy A30s you can easily complete the task by going through a few steps. I successfully shared a detailed process to FRP bypass/unlock Samsung Galaxy A30s without PC with Google verifications. Samsung Galaxy A30s is the best device at the present time. Following the FRP bypass/unlock Samsung Galaxy A30s without PC process carefully solves your problem. This is hard work to write about the FRP bypass/unlock Samsung Galaxy A30s without PC, and Android problems.

  • Step 1: First turn on your “Samsung Galaxy A30s” smartphone then go to the “Let’s go” screen and “Check out some info to get started” option with Select All items then click on “Next.”
  • Step 2: Now you will get the “Bring your old data for quicker setup” page select the “Skip this, for now”, option then click on “Next.” After you find the “Wi-Fi connection” display and set up a “Wi-Fi connection” then tap on the “Next” for the “Checking for updates”, and “Checking info”, and tap on the “Use my Google account instead” option.
  • Step 3: Go to the “Google verifying your account” page and click on “Next.” Here we can see the “Google account” is locked. Now go to the back for the “Let’s go” screen here you will get the “Emergency call” option and click it. Same time Dial “112” and then “End” the call.
  • Step 4: Again go to the “Let’s go screen”, “Check out some info to get started”, and “Bring your old data for a quicker setup” options with select All items then click on “Next.” Same time go to the “Wi-Fi” connection again here select the “Setting” icon then click it. (Please follow the step 2 picture).
  • Step 5: Now you will get the “Samsung Keyboard” page then click on the “Keyboard layout and feedback”-“Key tab feedback”- “Sound and vibration”- “Answering and ending calls”-“Answer automatically” option. After selecting the 5 and 10-second time options together.
  • Step 6: As a result, you will get the “Phone keeps stopping” option here click on the “Apps info” then go to the “Phone” page and click on the “Setting” icon upper with selecting “Block numbers.” After finding the “Block number” here click on selecting the “Recent” option and tap on it.

Step 7: You may go to the “Emergency number” option and select it then click on it. After clicking the “Emergency number” here find the “112” number and click it. Now we can see the upper side right corner “3 Dot” icon here click it.

  • Step 8: After you find the “Add or remove people” option and click it. Now here type several any 333333 numbers and “Create contact” then give the name with “Email” and save it. Now click on the “Email” icon with the skip option then click on the “+ (plus) icon” after you get the “Exchange” and “Office 365” options and click it.
  • Step 9: Give your “Email address” with “Password” and select the “Manual setup” option then click it. Here you will get the “Exchange” option and click it. Now you will get the “Select” option and click it with the “Set secure screen lock” type option and click on “OK.”
  • Step 10: Now go to the “Protect your phone” page and here give your “Pin” with confirmation then again go to the back and give your phone “Restart.” After restarting open the smartphone with a “PIN.”
  • Step 11: Again go to the “Let,s go”, “Check out some info to get started”, “Bring your old data for quicker setup”, and “Wi-Fi” connection options after some functions will complete automatically then give your pin with clicking the “Next.” (Please follow the step 2 picture).
  • Step 12: After waiting for some moment you will find the “Google Sign-in” page here click on the “Skip” then go to the “Skip account setup” page and click on the “Skip” option again.
  • Step 13: At the same time you will find the Date & time page and click on “Next.” Similarly, you will get more “Google Service” pages and click on the “More” and “Accept” options. Again go to the “Review additional apps” page and click on the “OK” option.
  • Step 14: Now you will get the “Adding the finishing touches” and “Get recommended apps” options here it’s complete automatically. After you will find the “Sign in to your Samsung account” page and click on “Skip.” Again go to the “Skip” out on all these options and click on “Skip.” Last time you will find the “All done” option and click on “Finish.”
  • Step 15: Then you will get a new “Home screen” with “Welcome” which,s means your FRP bypass/unlock Samsung Galaxy A30s without PC will be removed successfully. For better work on your device please “Restart” your phone before use. Then open it and use it smoothly.

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Final Touch

From the above discussion, it is understood that FRP is a very important security system for mobile phones. Which plays one of the key roles in keeping the mobile safe. FRP automatically turns on after resetting the mobile. It is almost impossible to open it without knowing the Mail and password. Be careful to complete the article easily. Follow the instructions shown in the image step by step. Try to keep the internet system and mobile charge between 80% to 100%. Also, if you have problems understanding the Google account verification and FRP bypass/unlock Samsung Galaxy A30s without PC, please contact us via email or contact on our site.

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