This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to bypass Google Account Verification on Samsung XCover 6 Pro 5G without using a computer. The FRP lock feature is provided in all current mobile phones from the Android version Lollipop 5.1. Phone companies default the FRP lock security feature on their phones.

Normal lock scan of the phone by going to recovery mode or trying to unlock it by computer flushes the phone more strongly. Then you cannot try to open the phone. To open, you must provide the previously used registered Gmail and password. If the computer can open the FRP lock, then you need to bypass FRP, which is not possible for everyone.

The Samsung XCover 6 Pro 5G is a high-end Android device with a built-in security feature. The users are to provide their Google account verification before accessing the device. This security feature is called FRP (Factory Reset Protection) and helps protect the user’s data from unauthorized access. Unfortunately, forgetting your Google account verification can also be a hassle.

Fortunately, there are ways to Frp Bypass Google Account Verification On Samsung XCover 6 Pro 5G without the need for a PC. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to reset the device, how to bypass the FRP, and how to gain access to the device.


  • Keep your phone charged above 80%, so it does not run out of charge during Samsung FRP lock.
  • Internet connection and speed play a beneficial role in working, so be sure to take care in this regard.
  • The data on your phone will be lost during the procedure. So backup the data on the phone first.
  • Download FRP bypass tools or Samsung FRP bypass apk to do the phone unlock.

What Is The FRP Lock

The Full Name of “FRP” is Factory Reset Protection. “FRP” is a system that allows you to reset a forgotten or locked system. For example, the “FRP” will pop up with the message, “This device was reset.” Sametime, sign in with a Google account previously synced on this device. Anyway, Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a built-in security feature designed by Google for smartphones and tablets running Android 5.1.

And later, restrict other people from using your device or tablet if they forcefully perform a factory reset on the phone. So factory reset protection acts as protection on our smartphones.

Details of Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G Phone

Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G smartphone is 6.6 inches, 104.9 cm2 (~77.8% screen-to-body ratio), and has a PLS LCD 120Hz. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G screen resolution is 1080 x 2408 Pixels 20:9 (~400 PPI density). Also, use corning gorilla glass victus+.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G smartphone photography is good. Have a Triple-camera configuration (50MP+8MP) on the rear and a single selfie (13MP) camera. This device packs 128GB/8GB internal memory and further microSDXC (dedicated slot).

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G smartphone is powered by an Octa-core (1X2.4 GHz Cortex-A78 & 3×2.2 GHz Cortex-A78 & 4×1.9 GHz Cortex A55). In addition, the Chipset is Qualcomm SM7325 Snapdragon 778G 5g (6 nm), and the 4050 mAh non-removable charging system fuels this device.

25W wired (USA), 15W wired (International) 4.5w reverse wireless is provided in this smartphone. The phone runs Android update version 12, upgradable to android 13, One UI 5.

How To Frp Bypass Google Account Verification On Samsung XCover 6 Pro 5G 2023

There can be multiple methods to bypass the google account lock on android. To bypass frp, you will get frp tools, unlock tools, or frp bypass apk. Besides, you can take the help of the online best phone unlock service to bypass google account verification, in which case you have to pay. You will get this process for free.

But everyone can’t complete the procedure properly. Here you will find the way to complete the procedure very easily in a few steps. Complete the below step-by-step FRP Bypass Google Account Verification On Samsung XCover 6 5G Procarefully to unlock the phone.

  • Step 1: First, open your Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G smartphone, then go to the “Welcome” screen here; click “Start.” Now see the “For you review” option and click “Next.” Here, wait for a few seconds, and you can see the “Permission for the Samsung app and services” and click the “Next” button.
  • Step 2: Next time, connect your “WiFi” connection, then press “Use my google Account instead.” Go to the “Google Verifying your account” page here is locked.
  • Step 3: Now, press the “Side and Volume up” key for “TalkBack” and click the “Use” button. Sametime, see the “Welcome to TalkBack” page; click “While using the app.” Now find the “Use voice command to control TalkBack” option, and click the “Use voice commands.”
  • Step 4: Hold and say “Google Assistant” to open the “Bixby” app. You will get the “Welcome to your Samsung account” option and click “Agree.” Now click continuously Want a faster way to sign in =>> Cancel =>> Samsung Bixby uses these permissions =>> Continue.
  • Step 5: Now find the “Youtube” app, then clicks the “User icon” and “Settings” buttons.
  • Step 6: Click one by one About =>> YouTube terms of service =>> Welcome to Chrome =>> Accept & continue.
  • Step 7: Open the “YouTube” app, type the search bar “,” and open it. Next, find the “Galaxy store” with the “Welcome to the Galaxy Store” page, and click the “Continue” button.
  • Step 8: Now download and install the “Alliance Shield X” app, then open it. Now follow and click step by step; welcome to Alliance Shield X =>> Next =>> Permissions =>> Next.
  • Step 9: Again, serially, click Privacy Promise =>> Next =>> Getting Started =>> Got it. Now create your Alliance Shield X account by giving the Gmail.
  • Step 10: Again, constantly click Name your device =>> Device Setup =>> turn on Device Admin =>> Next =>> Enable device admin =>> Activate.
  • Step 11: Now turn on the Samsung Knox, then click Next.” Click sequence Knox license activation =>> Agree on =>> Import =>> Finish.

In this case, complete the following process in three steps 

  • Step 12: 1 st step, tap step by step App manager =>> Android setup =>> Actions =>> Force stop =>> Wipe app data =>> OK.
  • Step 13: Again, go to the 2nd step and press consistently App manager =>> Samsung Setup wizard =>> Actions =>> Force stop =>> Wipe app data =>> OK.
  • Step 14: Go to the 3rd step and press the App manager =>> Google play services =>> Actions =>> Force stop =>> Wipe app data =>> OK.
  • Step 15: When completing the above steps, click on Activities=>> =>> open.
  • Step 16: Final moment is present here, and you will find the here Get recommended apps=>> Next =>> Restore your data from Samsung cloud =>> Skip =>> You’re all set up =>> Finish. That means your FRP Bypass Google Account Verification On Samsung XCover 6 Pro 5G will be completed successfully.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) For Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G Smartphone

What Are The Best FRP Bypass Tools?

The best FRP bypass tools depend on the specific device and situation. However, some more popular tools include FRP Bypass APK, Samsung FRP Helper, Pangu FRP Bypass APK, D&G Password Unlocker, and FRP Bypass Unlocker. Regardless of which tool you use, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully and double-check the security settings of your device.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G Without Google?

1. First, turn off your smartphone.

2. Press and hold the volume up, power, and Bixby buttons simultaneously until the recovery screen appears.

3. Now, use the volume key to select “wipe data/factory reset” and click the power key.

4. Next, click “Yes – erase all user data” and press the power button.

5. Last, Restart the device.

How to FRP Bypass Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G With a PC?

1. First, download and install FRP bypass tools.

2. then connect your device to the PC via a USB cable.

3. Enter the PIN

4. Then select the “Bypass FRP” option.

5. This will begin the FRP bypass process. This process may take a few minutes, so be patient.

6. After the process, your device should be reset, and you can now access it without entering.

How to Disable Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Go to the “Settings option on your Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G. Now scroll down and select the “Security” option. Tap on the “Screen Lock Type” option. Enter your “PIN or password.” Select “None” from the list of available lock types. See the warning message; select “Yes” to confirm. Again scroll down, and you will see a toggle for “Factory Reset Protection.” Finally, slide it to the left to disable it.

How to Remove Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G Factory Reset Protection With Developer Mode?

Open the Settings menu on your device. Now go to the “About phone” section and tap it. Now scroll down and click the “Build number” option seven or eight times. Then find the “You are now a developer” button. Again go to the settings menu and scroll down to the “Developer options” section. Now enable the “OEM unlocking” button. Finally, Reboot your device. That’s OK.

How Do you Turn Off The Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G Without The Screen?

A simple way and press the “Power” button until the mobile “Turns Off.” Again tap on the “Power + Volume Down” Key together to “Shut down.” That’s OK.

How to Open or Close Your Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro 5G Smartphone?

Almost everyone knows how to turn the phone off or on. But in new conditions, it is unknown to many. First, press the “Power” button 7/8 second to “Open.” Again long time, press the “Power” button 8/9 seconds to “Close.” That’s it.

Final Touch

If you review the FRP Bypass Google Account Verification On Samsung XCover 6 Pro discussion, you can understand that the FRP lock designed by Google is a mobile security feature. This lock prevents misuse or intrusion of your mobile if lost or stolen. But many times, we unknowingly reset our mobile, and the phone gets locked.

And in that case, FRP has to be bypassed. The FRP Bypass Google Account Verification on Samsung XCover 6 Pro is a great way to protect your device from unwanted access. It ensures that only authorized users can access the device and its data. Its added security features make it an excellent choice for those who want to keep their device safe and secure.

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