Nowadays, almost every person uses mobile more or less. Therefore, security is an essential safeguard in mobile usage. Similarly, Frp is a critical security framework for mobiles. However, many people don’t know what FRP is, what FRP bypass is, and how Samsung S22 5G FRP bypass/Google Account unlock without a PC is done. If you don’t know the answer to these questions, this article is for you.

Basically, from Android version 5.1, companies provide FRP as a built-in in all mobile phones. The main reason for using FRP is to prevent misuse and intrusion. If the mobile is lost or stolen, it will become even more complicated if someone tries to open it beyond the normal lock scan and goes into recovery mode.

If you want to use the mobile, you must use the previous Gmail ID. Otherwise, it is impossible to use the mobile. Today we will learn FRP lock and how to Samsung S22 5G FRP bypass/Google Account unlock without a PC

What is the FRP Lock

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock is a security feature introduced by Google for Android devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop and later versions. Its purpose is to protect your device and personal data in case it gets lost, stolen, or reset to factory settings without authorization.

When FRP Lock is enabled, it requires you to enter the Google account credentials (username and password) previously used on the device after performing a factory reset or when setting up the device for the first time. This means that if someone tries to reset the device without knowing the original Google account details, they won’t be able to access and use the device, even if they manage to bypass the lock screen.

It’s worth noting that the exact steps to bypass FRP Lock can vary depending on the device manufacturer and Android version, but the general idea is to ensure that the person attempting to access the device is the rightful owner and not someone trying to use a stolen device.

How to Samsung S22 5G FRP Bypass/Google Account Unlock Without a PC 2023

Now we will show the detailed process of how Samsung S22 5G FRP bypass/Google Account unlock without a PC is done. The entire process will be completed in a limited number of steps. Exercise utmost caution while analyzing the process and follow it step by step.


  • There is a possibility of losing your mobile data while completing the process. So make up the data in the mobile.
  • Keep 80% to 100% charge on mobile.
  • The speed should be good as long as your internet connection is good.
  • Download the necessary apps and tools.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Step 1: Open your Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone and go to the “Welcome” screen here; click the “Start” icon. Now find the “For you review” option and click “Next.” Same time find the “Permission for the Samsung app and services” here and click “Next.”
  • Step 2: Connect your “WiFi” connection and press “Use my Google Account instead.” See the “Google Verifying your account” page here is locked.
  • Step 3: Now use the “Side and Volume up” key for “TalkBack” and click the “Use” button. We can see the “Welcome to TalkBack” page here; click the “While using the app” button; after finding the “Use voice command to control TalkBack” option here, click “Use voice commands.”
  • Step 4: Say “Google Assistant” to open the “Bixby” option. Go to the “Welcome to your Samsung account” option and click “Agree.” This time click continuously Want a faster way to sign in =>> Cancel =>> Samsung Bixby uses these permissions =>> Continue.
  • Step 5: After opening “Youtube” click the “User icon.” Same time click on the “Settings” option.
  • Step 6: Sequence click About =>> YouTube terms of service =>> Welcome to Chrome =>> Accept & continue.
  • Step 7: Opening “YouTube”, type the search bar “” and then open it. Now open the “Galaxy Store” here, find “Welcome to the Galaxy Store”, and click “Continue.”
  • Step 8: Download and install the “Alliance Shield X” option, then open it. Follow and click Welcome to Alliance Shield X =>> Next =>> Permissions =>> Next.
  • Step 9: Now step by step click Privacy Promise =>> Next =>> Getting Started =>> Got it. Create your Alliance Shield X account by giving the Gmail.
  • Step 10: Tap on the constantly Name your device =>> Device Setup =>> Turn on Device Admin =>> Next =>> Enable device admin =>> Activate.
  • Step 11: Turn on the Samsung Knox, then click Next. You can see and click Knox license activation =>> Agree =>> Import =>> Finish.

In this case, complete the following process in three steps 

  • Step 12: 1st step go to the App manager =>> Android setup =>> Actions =>> Force stop =>> Wipe app data =>> OK.
  • Step 13: For the 2nd step go to the App manager =>> Samsung setup wizard =>> Actions =>> Force stop =>> Wipe app data =>> OK.
  • Step 14: 3rd step go to the App Manager =>> Google Play services =>> Actions =>> Force stop =>> Wipe app data =>> OK.
  • Step 15: After completing the above steps, click on Activities=>> =>> open.
  • Step 16: Finally, you will find the Get recommended apps=>> Next =>> Restore your data from Samsung cloud =>> Skip =>> You’re all set up =>> Finish. That means your Samsung S22 5G FRP bypass/Google Account unlock without a PC will be completed successfully.

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Final Touch

One of Google’s mobile security frameworks is FRP, which Google designs. Once the mobile is locked, it is almost impossible to unlock it without the previous Gmail on the mobile. I hope you got answers to your questions from the Samsung S22 5G FRP bypass/Google Account unlock without a PC discussion.

To understand the Samsung S22 5G FRP bypass/Google Account unlock without a PC more easily, take the help of the pictures given in the article and follow the instructions given in the pictures consistently.

Only then can you solve your problem in case of difficulty understanding the Samsung S22 5G FRP bypass/Google Account unlock without a PC or contact us via mail for FRP-related issues.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Without Google?

Go to the Samsung S22 5G device. Then press the “Power & Volume Up” buttons together. After selecting the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” by volume down, then taping the “Power” button. Now click on “YES.” Same time press here “Power” button. That’s OK.

How to FRP Bypass Samsung Galaxy S22 5G With a PC?

  • Open the “Samsung Galaxy S22 5G” smartphone.
  • Connect your “PC” with your “Mobile.”
  • Download the “Bypass Apps or Tools.”
  • After downloading, extract your “File” on your PC.
  • Now click on the “Bypass FRP” button.
  • Tap on the “View” button.
  • Go to the Chrome “URL” bar.
  • Then go to the device “Settings” menu and change your “Pattern Lock.”
  • That’s OK. Now, “Restart” the device.

How to Disable Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Follow the step-by-step Settings =>> Account =>> Gmail id =>> Delete Account =>> Press enter =>> that’s OK. Your FRP lock is disabled; back up the necessary data on the mobile before disabling it.

How to Remove Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Factory Reset Protection With Developer Mode?

  • First, press the “Settings” menu.
  • Here tap on “About Device.”
  • After here, press “Build Number” more than 6/7 times.
  • Again back to the “Settings” option.
  • Now press the “Developer” button.
  • Now, enable the “OEM Unlock” button; that’s OK!

How Do Turn Off The Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Without The Screen?

Press the “Power” button until the mobile “Turns Off.” Next, adopt another method and tap on the together “Power + Volume Down” Key to “Shut down.”

How to Open or Close Your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Smartphone?

Press the “Power” pivotal 7/8 second to “Open” and tap on the “Turn off” critical 8/9 second to “Close.” That’s it.

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