There was a time when laptop computers were not considered for use by anyone other than the business class of society. But now that the price gap between desktop computers and laptop computers has narrowed, the price of laptops to the common man is increasing daily. Today we will discuss how to cool down laptop without cooling pad

For most laptop buyers, the weight of the laptop, including its configuration, is a concern. If the weight is high, the portability of the laptop decreases. Thin laptops cool down laptops without cooling pad a role. So light, thin laptops are becoming quite popular.

But what most buyers don’t realize is that laptop temperatures can also become a consideration. Just a few days ago, the computer was a costly electric device for the use of the upper class of society. Its use was limited to medical bank insurance, scientific work, and business.

As the quality of human life has improved over time, so has the computer. At present, this device has become universal. There were some limitations in computers due to their weight and size. And this limitation has been overcome through the invention of the laptop.

It is small in size and light in weight, making it easy to carry, and the field of use has been made comfortable. The relatively small and light types of laptops are more common, so users prefer them. Laptops have some special advantages and some rules to follow to maintain these devices.

In the case of such laptops, the issue of temperature is a consideration. Due to prolonged use, viruses, and playing games. There are various ways to reduce the temperature of the laptop. And in its continuation, today we will discuss how to keep a cool down laptop without cooling pad.

How to Cool Down Laptop Without Cooling Pad: The 10 Easy Solutions

cool down laptops without cooling pad a role

Laptop beds get heated when used in pillows or other mixed places. The damage caused by heat is invisible to the naked eye. Many parts of your laptop can be damaged due to temperature. So lowering the temperature is a very important task. Below are some simple ways to cool down laptop without cooling pad.

1) Clean The Fan

The laptop is getting hot First, check if the laptop fan is blocked by dirt. If there is dirt, the ventilation is obstructed, and the laptop’s processor gets hot. Laptops get hot quickly due to dust. There is a possibility that the laptop will be shut down due to dust.

Keep your laptop in a clean and tidy place and clean all the dirty places with compressed air. The most effective method is opening the laptop and cleaning it thoroughly with compressed air. So clean the laptop fan first. Change if there is a fan problem.

2) Pick Up The Laptop And Work

Another effective way to cool a laptop is to lift it. Adequate ventilation causes the laptop to overheat. When using the laptop, place it on paper or any other hard object. It is better not to put it directly on the bed because there is a lot of sand on the bed, and this dust gets into the laptop and destroys the laptop very easily. The most suitable place to keep a laptop is to place it on something parallel and solid.

3) Speed ​​Control

The processor can be kept cool by controlling the speed of the laptop fan through the apps. You need to download and install the speed control apps from the App Store. Then when the app is launched, the fan’s movement can be noticed.

The fan’s speed can be reduced and increased according to the temperature. If the processor gets too hot, the fan’s speed should be increased, and if the temperature of the processor is low, the fan’s speed should be reduced. This is also considered an effective way to keep the laptop cool.

The fan’s speed can be reduced and increased according to the temperature. If the processor gets too hot, the fan’s speed should be increased, and if the temperature of the processor is low, the fan’s speed should be reduced. This is also considered an effective way to keep the laptop cool.

4) Keep The Laptop Away From Heat

One way to keep a laptop cool is to keep it away from hot places. Keep direct sunlight or fridge and TV away from other electric devices. Laptops get hot in summer or in direct sunlight. It is better not to use the laptop in such weather. If you use a laptop without a cooling pad in such a situation, there is a possibility of overheating. So laptops should be used in shady and open rooms. This is the perfect way to cool down laptop without cooling pad.

5) Cold Using Ice

Using ice to cool laptops is a beautiful way. Leaving ice in a container and using a laptop can protect you from heat. By following this method, the laptop’s heat can be removed in a very short time. Using ice does not cause any problems for the laptop, and the hassle is less. It is a very suitable way for those who work at home. Also is such an easy method with which to cool down laptop without cooling pad.

6) Keep The Charging Cable Pen

This tendency is seen in many of us. Even after being fully charged, we keep the charger connected to the power line as long as we work. This causes the laptop battery to carry an extra charge, getting hot. As the battery gets hot, the laptop also gets hot.

And not only is it hot, but the battery is also severely damaged, and its effectiveness or durability decreases day by day. Unplug the charger from the laptop as soon as it is charged and reconnect the charger when the charge is on its way to 25% to 30%.

Never leave the laptop charged at night. Leaving the charger on overnight can cause major damage to your laptop.

7) Resting The Laptop

Prolonged use of the laptop overheats. Many work most of the day and night, which keeps the laptop running for a long time. So to cool the laptop, keep your laptop off for 20 to 30 minutes at work. Then keep the laptop in a shady or cool place as much as possible so that the temperature gets under control as soon as possible.

Turn off the power line when cooling, as charging at that time can cause the battery to overheat. At the same time, other parts of the laptop get hot. So it is better to keep the electrical connection off at that time. This is how operating the laptop can prevent overheating.

8) Turn Off Unnecessary Software

Be sure to uninstall unnecessary software from your laptop, those that never work for you. This will reduce the pressure on your laptop’s processor. The more pressure on the processor, the more the processor will hit. So do not keep a lot of software open simultaneously to reduce the pressure on the processor.

Only that software should be kept running when needed. No unnecessary tabs should be left open even when using a browser. This also plays a greater role in increasing the pressure on the processor.

9) Laptop Control And Settings

Laptops come with various external devices, which pressure the processor and battery. It’s best to keep unneeded devices disconnected. It is better not to unnecessarily keep the CD or DVD device and turn off the options like Bluetooth, WiFi connection, etc.

It is better to keep the laptop’s display brightness as low as possible, and it is not only good for your laptop, it is much better for the eyes. We often keep the laptop on standby mode to keep the work off for a while; this can also cause the laptop to get hot. Avoid it, and it is better to use hibernation mode instead. Which will help keep your laptop cool.

10) Battery Maintenance And Charger Management

If you keep the laptop clean regularly and take care of other parts, the laptop will stay cool. Care should be taken not to misuse the battery and charger. Laptops get damaged very quickly as a result of overcharging.

Notice that most laptops have a charging jack mounted on the front which can be damaged by overcharging. Even if you always have a charge plug on, the charging jack is damaged too quickly, and the laptop becomes hotter when the battery is charged and when the laptop is not charged.

When the work is done, please turn off the laptop, and it is better not to charge extra. There is a possibility of more harm than good if an extra charge is required. If you follow the rules properly, your laptop will stay cool.

Final Word

In conclusion, it is very important to follow the above rules properly to cool down laptop without cooling pad. All these rules will help your laptop to cool down. The cooling system is essential for any laptop.

The most important thing is that the place where the laptop is used must be parallel to the hard and dust-free. Prolonged gameplay, charging the electrical line, and installing many apps should be refrained from. Occasionally I take a break from work on the laptop.

As soon as the cooling fan is checked, change it in case of any problem and ensure there is no pressure on the processor. Another easy way is to cool the laptop using ice. These methods are enough to cool down laptop without cooling pad.

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