iPhones, with their unquestionable prowess in capturing exquisite photographs, often compel the need to transmute these digital marvels into tangible mementos. Among the plethora of conceivable dimensions, the 4×6 photo size emerges as a preeminent choice. Today you learn this article about how to easily print 4×6 photos from iPhone to printer.

Now, let’s delve into the intricacies of transposing those captivating digital moments from your iPhone onto the tangible realm. The imperative lies in discerning the nuanced art of printing 4×6 photos from your iPhone to a compatible printer.

Unraveling this process necessitates a meticulous understanding of the procedure, augmented by invaluable tips that facilitate the seamless translation of iPhone-stored memories into tangible prints.

Prior to dispatching your digital snapshots to the printer, it becomes imperative to fine-tune the aspect ratio—a pivotal prelude to the impending transformation of digital snippets into tangible keepsakes.

Steps to Adjust the Aspect Ratio to 4×6

Print 4x6 photos from iPhone to printer

The first thing you need to have when you want to print your photos from your iPhone is a printer. You need to, however, understand that before you send the photo for printing, it is essential to adjust the aspect ratio.

The Step-by-Step Procedure to Adjust the Aspect Ratio is Simple:

  • Step 1: Unveil the photo app and meticulously handpick the visual masterpiece you yearn to recalibrate in terms of its aspect ratio.
  • Step 2: Subsequently, engage the edit button, conspicuously perched in the uppermost echelons of the interface.
  • Step 3: Upon invoking the edit function, navigate towards the lower domain to unearth the crop option— an indispensable component of the digital metamorphosis we are orchestrating.
  • Step 4: Within the confines of the crop window, zero in on the aspect option, heralding a pivotal moment in the precision-driven adjustment process.
  • Step 5: A multitude of size options, akin to an artistic palette, unfurls before you. With discerning eyes, opt for the 4×6 dimension, the canvas upon which your visual narrative shall unfold.
  • Step 6: Witness the emergence of a maneuverable box overlaying your screen, poised alongside the ethereal backdrop of your chosen photo. Manipulate this virtual frame with finesse, aligning it with the contours of your creative vision.
  • Step 7: Revel in the liberty to drag and reposition the elements of your photo within the designated box, sculpting the composition as your artistic instincts dictate.
  • Step 8: Exercise due diligence in this spatial choreography, ensuring the steadfastness of the box’s dimensions. Only through this unwavering constancy can the sanctity of the chosen aspect ratio be preserved.
  • Step 9: Transition seamlessly to the crop option, situated in the uppermost recesses of the interface, signaling the impending culmination of your meticulous adjustments.
  • Step 10: As the curtain rises on the preview stage, scrutinize the resultant image with a discerning eye. Should satisfaction envelop you, the Save button beckons, signaling your affirmation of the digital tableau.
  • Step 11: With the aesthetic seal of approval secured, usher your masterpiece to the printer, the physical conduit through which your visual opus shall manifest.
  • Step 12: Embrace the realization that only when the celestial alignment of the aspect ratio is duly preserved can the printer, like a faithful artisan, breathe life into your creation, immortalizing it in the cherished dimensions of 4×6.

How to Print 4×6 Photos from the iPhone to the Printer?

There are 2 ways to print 4×6 photos from the iPhone to the printer. We will go into the details of both these below.

1. Use AirPrint:

  • Modern printers have an AirPrint mechanism. AirPrint mechanism means that you can transfer photos from the iPhone to the printer directly. You will not need any cable or any intermediate device to print the photos.
  • A lot depends on the printer you have. If you have an older printer, the aspect ratio might be impacted.
  • In that case, using AirPrint will not help you much.
  • However, most modern printers will print the photo precisely as per the setting that you have on your iPhone. In that case, using AirPrint indeed serves you well.
  • In case you have an older printer, there is an alternative.

2. Use a PC or Mac:

  • If you have an older printer, the only option is to transfer the photo to the PC or the Mac.
  • From a PC or Mac, you can use any photo editing tool to give the print command. You can directly print the photo without going through the photo editing app.
  • The advantage of doing so is that you can see the photo preview in any photo editing app. You can confirm the size of the print, and after that, you can give the print command.
  • That way, accurately printing the photos becomes possible.
  • With the help of our guide above, it is easy to print 4×6 photos from the iPhone to the printer. We will now share a few tips to print these photos without any glitches or mistakes.

Tips to Get Perfect Prints From iPhone to The Printer

The few tips we will highlight below ensure that you can get good-quality prints for your photos.

1. Use the correct paper:

It is vital to use the right paper. Even if you captured the photo adequately and used the right aspect ratio, if the paper is not proper, you won’t get a good print.

When buying the paper for the printer, you have to choose between the glossy and matte types. In case you need sharp photos, you can go with the glossy ones. Otherwise, you can go with matte paper.

The papers are available in different sizes. You have to choose the size according to the type of prints which you usually opt for.

2. Use the right printer:

It is best to use modern printers. The reason for the same is that they can print HD-quality photos. Not only that, you can give the print command wirelessly if using a modern printer.

If you’re using inkjet or other older printers, even when you give the print command from the PC or the Mac, the quality of the photos will not be up to the mark.

3. Edit at the highest resolution:

When editing the photos on your phone or any other device, you have to save the images at the highest possible resolution. That way, there will not be a down-gradation of the quality of your photos.

Similarly, when you’re transferring them to another device or the printer, you have to transfer them in the maximum possible resolution. Once you do so, it is easy to get HD-quality prints.

4. Edit only if necessary:

Many people think about applying filters or editing the photos in one way or the other. Plenty of times, you might end up downgrading the resolution when you’re editing it.

Only when you need to edit the photos should you go ahead with the same. Otherwise, it is a good idea to print the images as they are. Editing can downgrade the quality as well if you’re not careful about it.

5. Optimize your photos before printing:

Optimizing the photo before printing is a necessity. Specially, you have to adjust the aspect ratio since you need 4×6 prints.

The good news is that the iPhone allows you to adjust the aspect ratio without undertaking any extra steps. That way, it becomes easy to get HD-quality prints.

6. Use AirPrint when possible:

The AirPrint mechanism allows you to give the print command right from your smartphone directly. Even though it may be a bit confusing for first-timers to give such prints, in the long run, this can certainly help you out. You have to use this technology whenever possible.

Thus, when you want to print 4×6 photos from an iPhone to the printer, these are the tips that you have to always stick to. In case you’re looking for some alternatives, we will highlight two such options below.

Alternatives to Print 4×6 Photos from iPhone to Printer

There are essentially two other ways to print such photos.

1. Photo printing apps and websites:

Numerous apps allow you to print such photos and, after that, send them to you via regular mail. These include:

  • Shutterfly
  • Free prints
  • Print Studio
  • And so on

To avoid the cumbersome procedure of giving the prints and editing the photos, you can use these apps.

2. Local print store:

You can also visit a local print store for the same. The print stores can print all the photos for you and directly give you the copies with the dimensions you want. Since the print store will have professionals, you will no longer have to worry about any glitches. These are the two alternatives you have.

How to Print 4×6 Photos from Android

Printing your cherished 4×6 photos from your Android device is a delightful process that transforms digital memories into tangible keepsakes. Here’s a step-by-step guide for this endeavor:

1. Photo Picking Prowess:

Begin your photo-printing odyssey by navigating to your Gallery or Photos app. Select the snapshot that encapsulates the essence you wish to immortalize in a 4×6 format.

2. Engage the Sharing Symphony:

Unleash the sharing prowess by tapping the icon adorned with interconnected lines or the mystical “Share” word. This opens up a gateway to a plethora of sharing possibilities.

3. Invoke the Printing Rite:

Among the digital offerings, seek the sacred command titled “Print” or perhaps the more poetic “Print Photo.” Invoke this command to usher in the mystical world of printing.

4. Summon Your Printer Familiar:

Like a wizard calling upon a loyal companion, summon your trusted printer. Ensure it is harmoniously connected to the same cosmic network as your Android device, and witness its appearance in the enchanted list of available printers.

5. Craft the Printing Tapestry:

Navigate through the ethereal tapestry of print settings. Seek out the sacred scroll that dictates paper size and layout. Bestow upon your photo the dimensions of 4×6 inches, crafting a bespoke canvas for your visual masterpiece.

6. Review with Discriminating Eyes:

Before sealing the fate of your print journey, exercise discernment. Delve into the minutiae of your choices — the number of copies, the sacred dimensions, and any other peculiarities that may shape the destiny of your print.

7. Evoke the Printing Incantation:

Satisfied with the concoction of your print settings, perform the grand finale by uttering the incantation known as “Print.” Witness as the digital realm bows to your command, and your Android device dispatches the magic to the printer.

As the printing apparatus springs to life, revel in the anticipation of holding a tangible relic of your memories. Embrace the uniqueness of each step, for in this journey, you are not merely printing a photo; you are conjuring a tangible manifestation of your digital saga. May your 4×6 prints be as vibrant and memorable as the moments they encapsulate.


With our guide above, Print 4×6 Photos From iPhone To Printer is certainly possible. The procedure is pretty easy. Whenever you’re faced with the task of printing, follow our guide above, and you can print the photos in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What to do if you can’t send photos from your iPhone to the printer?

If you can’t send photos from your iPhone to the printer for some reason, you can transfer them to a Mac or PC. After that, from a Mac or PC, you can send the photos to the printer. Once you do so, it becomes easy for you to print the photos. If that also does not work, we have shared a couple of alternatives that will allow you to get the photo prints.

How to ensure that the photos you send are high-resolution?

The iPhone camera usually captures these photos in high resolution. As long as you’re not fidgeting around or tweaking the settings, these photos will remain in HD resolution. While transferring them to another device, you have to ensure that the resolution is not downgraded.

How do I resize a photo to print 4×6 on my iPhone?

Resizing a photo on your iPhone for a 4×6 print is a breeze! Simply open the photo, tap “Edit,” then select the crop tool. Choose the 4×6 aspect ratio, adjust as needed, and hit “Done.” Voila! Your photo is now ready for a perfect 4×6 print.

How do I print a 4×6 picture on my printer?

Printing a 4×6 picture from your printer is simple. Transfer the resized photo to your computer, open it using your preferred image viewer, and select the print option. Choose your printer and paper settings, ensuring the paper size is set to 4×6 inches. Click “Print,” and enjoy your beautifully sized photo!

How do I change print size when printing from an iPhone?

Adjusting print size on your iPhone is a snap. Once you’ve selected the photo, tap the share icon and choose the “Print” option. Pinch or expand the photo preview to resize it, then select your printer and adjust print settings, including size. Confirm your choices, and hit “Print” to get a customized size for your photo.

How do I print different sizes of photos from my iPhone?

Printing various photo sizes from your iPhone is easy and fun. Using the Photos app, select the photo, tap “Print,” and choose your printer. To customize the size, tap “Options” and pick from the available sizes. Whether it’s 4×6, 5×7, or any other size, your iPhone makes it a seamless process to bring your memories to life on paper.

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